Spartan Services provides a safe environment for our clients to work and live in, whilst maintaining a low profile if required. We offer a range of services from residential security teams to full security assessment and overhaul. We can offer:

  • Full Close Protection Teams

This is the complete package for personal and family safety.

  • Residential Security Teams

Designated staff tasked with securing a property and its grounds.

  • Security Drivers

Our drivers are all licensed CPO’s but with added tactical driving skill giving them the ability to protect the client both inside and outside the vehicle.

  • CP Medics

All of our CP Medics have experience working in frontline emergency situations; allowing them to have the necessary skills to deal with any medical issue quickly and effectively.

  • Maritime Security

Unique CPO’s with experience working in both the commercial and private sectors of maritime security ranging from anti-piracy teams to yacht protection.

  • Specialist Personnel

We are able to offer CPO’s with particular skills such as skiing, scuba diving, horse riding etc

For every client we provide a complete rigorous threat assessment, allowing us to ascertain information that may not be obviously pertinent, but from a security point of view could be crucial. After we have collated all of our information, we customize a personal presentation for each client through which we outline what we believe to be the required package, including manpower and equipment. We then run through various implementation plans, taking into account the clients work and personal commitments, causing the least possible disturbance to our client. Along with this initial consultation, the client will have a direct number for their personal operations manager which is a 24hour direct line, in case of any queries big or small. The operations manager is able to assist the client with daily scheduling etc, freeing up the client to concentrate on their business.

Spartan Services provide the complete package, not only do we provide elite personal protection to the clients, but their minds can be put at ease in the knowledge that a fully functional family protection plan is in place. Be this residential security to assigned Personal Protection Officers for members of the family. All of our officers understand that to maintain family life, our interference needs to be minimised whilst still providing crucial protection.

Spartan Services UK Ltd can cater for any of our clients’ needs. We have experience in both low and high profile situations, our teams can work under any circumstances anywhere in the world. All of our staff have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, which they employ wholeheartedly in every contract with which they are involved. We strive to find hard working, intelligent staff who will put all of their training and experience to good use. Our stringent recruitment procedures ensure we provide the optimum staff who can handle any and every situation they are faced with.

We take every job seriously; and pride ourselves on picking up on the small details. This is why we guarantee we can provide a market leading service for any contract without fail. We are a customer based company meaning we will not rest until we have surpassed the client’s expectations with our exceptional service.