Spartan Services are a forward thinking company; we aim to lead by example. We understand the key to our success working for you is trust. We will do everything in our ability to ensure this is maintained at the premier level.

From busy high street jewelers to executive offices Spartan Services have the correct staff to fit in with your business needs. We are renowned for providing a well presented, effective and reliable service for a reasonable cost.

All officers clock on and off duty as well as completing hourly check calls into our 24/7 Control Room. Our area supervisors complete regular site visits to ensure standards are at the highest level as well as responding to any assistance requests. We operate a full response team; this is to ensure any sites needing more manpower receive it as soon as possible

Security Premises Patrols
A Spartan Services Guard is far from being ‘Static’. Premises patrols are carried out to ensure the following:

  • The preservation of life
  • The prevention of fire, flood and property damage.
  • To prevent the waste of your company’s resources.
  • The prevention of accidents.
  • The detection and prevention of crime.

No two premises patrols are the same! A variation of routes and timings ensure that a Spartan Services guard always has the element of surprise. Should any incident occur, there is always a full report kept in the official incident book, (the vital evidence) should any legal actions need to be taken.

Reducing your environmental impact
To ensure your company’s energy bills and carbon footprint are kept to a minimum, our operatives will happily monitor and switch off any unnecessary lights or energy consuming machinery.

Property Guarding
Spartan Services guards are there to guarantee your company’s policies, procedures and protocols are being adhered to; ranging from ensuring that the no smoking policies are enforced, to safe-guarding company property and playing a vital role in loss prevention.

Customer Interaction
Courteous, professional and fully trained, Spartan Services guards always maintain the highest standard of customer interaction and give the ultimate first impression.

It’s Up To You
At Spartan Services we recognize that every company is different. Therefore we offer tailor-made packages to suit your company’s requirements. To begin with, we carry out a full Health and Safety Risk Assessment which will highlight any areas we need to be aware of. We will take this information and compile it, setting the site specific Assignment Instructions. These instructions will include patrols, high risk areas and emergency contact numbers.

Whatever your type of business and level of security cover needed, we will provide the right security officer to fit your requirements. We invest a great deal in our security officers through extensive in-house training and management support, as well as equipping them with the skills required at the front line to represent both our customers and ourselves. Motivation is vitally important and our security officers are encouraged to excel in their roles, not only to deliver an excellent service but to enable them to develop strong relationships with our customers.