Whether it’s an event for 100 people or 30,000, Spartan Services have the right people, the know-how, and the track record to ensure your event is secure, safe and well run. Unlike other security providers, our event staff have a strong customer-service focus, ensuring your guests make the most of their time with you.

Spartan Services experienced personnel ensure a polished and professional public face is presented for each and every client event.

We can provide:

• Stewards
Crowd control and organization is a major concern at some events and we can help you to protect your customers and ensure smooth-running at all times.

• PIT Crews
Our entire front of stage pit security team is fully trained and experienced in their particular area, this ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for event goers and performers alike.

• Control Rooms
Experienced controllers are imperative to a smooth running operation, we only provide the best in the business. All our controllers have operated at large events before, are calm in all situations and know exactly what to do when it counts. All equipment can be provided and is tested to ensure continued reliability.

• Perimeter and Roaming Patrols
Any event will have its fair share of fence jumpers; we provide the teams to combat this. Experience will allow the Spartan staff to reduce areas of high risk with lighting and CCTV but also by providing a high profile presence with both walking patrols and vehicle patrols.

• HSE Rolls
We are able to provide experienced Health and Safety Executives whose job it is to assess every risk imaginable associated with an event, this allows all contingency plans to be designed or be made up to date.

• Incident Response Teams
Spartan Response teams are mixtures of experienced Door Supervisors and Close protection teams, they work in both uniformed and covert roles ensuring incidents are resolved quickly and safely. All IRT teams have one first aider as they in most circumstances are first to an incident and can stabilize a situation before the Medical team arrives. Conflict management is what the IRT was designed for; they thrive in these situations and endeavor to resolve every situation peacefully but are trained to deal with physical evictions.

• Search Dogs
The presence of a drug search dog is a strong psychological deterrent against the use of illegal drugs within an event, by stopping the problem at the entry points it allows it to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We are also able to provide explosives dogs, the most common way of being able to detect criminal activity involving the use of explosives.

• Major Incident Controllers
Specialist employees are trained in major incident control, they can deal with anything that is thrown at them. Our MIC’s are the liaisons between the event and the emergency services ensuring that every situation may to arise is dealt with professionally, quickly and safely.

• Medical Response Teams
Please look at our Medical pages. We can provide everything needed for a large event up to 30,000.

• Car Park Management
We take care of it so you don’t have to, we provide everything from the cones to the staff to manage it. The team will always park the cars in a safe and economical way to ensure maximum cars in a location.

Whether you require event stewards for VIP events, football matches, horse-racing events or music festivals, we can provide the right teams to maximize security and crowd control.